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Mining Technology:

At the heart of the extraction process, our advanced mining technologies are designed for power, efficiency, and reliability, enabling you to tap into Earth's resources with precision and sustainability.

Stockyard Equipment:

From stackers to reclaimers, our stockyard equipment is built to withstand the rigorous demands of bulk material handling, ensuring optimal inventory management and material quality.

Loading and Unloading Systems:

Our sophisticated loading and unloading systems streamline the transition of materials, reducing handling time and enhancing throughput for a variety of bulk goods.

Port Facilities:

We equip ports with robust and efficient machinery, crafted to enhance  productivity and withstand the challenging maritime environment, ensuring seamless maritime logistics.

Conveying Technology:

Our conveying solutions, marked by innovation and durability, move materials of all kinds across distances with minimal loss and maximum environmental consideration.

Turnkey Material Handling Systems:

We offer comprehensive, custom-engineered turnkey solutions that cover every aspect of material handling, from design and fabrication to installation and commissioning, ensuring a seamless, start-to-finish process.

At KOCH Solutions, each product is a link in a chain of comprehensive material handling capabilities, designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance to our clients.



Innovating Mining from the ground up

Flexibility and reliability play a decisive role in the extraction of raw materials or the handling of large quantities of bulk material. In the complex world of mining, these attributes are essential to adapt to changing conditions while maintaining continuous, efficient operations. KOCH Solutions offers tailor-made solutions, specifically designed to meet the individual needs and challenges of your project. Our mining technologies are the result of extensive experience and innovation, designed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.



Lifting your stockpile operations to new heights.

During unloading processes highest turnover rates are required. Buffer stores are essential as a buffer between the intermittent transport and the different requirements of the consumption. Stockyards, which also serve as storage warehouses, must guarantee a high level of material availability. The choice of the suitable unit combination is crucial for the economic operation of your stockyard. KOCH-Solutions offers unique and economical solutions for your project. 

Port Terminals


Lifting your port operations to the next level.

High handling rates required for loading and unloading ships are tackled by modern continuous conveyors of different design. We offer you the appropriate technology. KOCH Solutions loading and unloading systems are individual solutions considering the respective circumstances with regards to conveyed goods, handling capacity, arrangement and environmental conditions.

Conveying Systems


Moving Efficiency Forward.

Belt conveyor systems are the central nerve of modern bulk cargo handling. They must prove themselves as reliable material flow systems. Simple construction, low operating costs, long service life and high turnover rates justify the cost-effectiveness of continuous conveyor systems. Large-scale belt conveyor systems bridge up to 100 kilometers and handle capacities of up to 25,000 tons per hour. During in-house transport, conveyor systems connect the various production stages and form a reliable material flow system. High flexibility in the arrangement, high availability of the conveying capacity, low maintenance and simple charge and discharge procedures are advantages; giving belt conveyors a permanent place in all material handling equipment. KOCH Solutions supplies conveyor systems for all areas of application. They provide proof of the high performance and profitability of this universal material handling system worldwide.

Loding and Unloading


Optimized Loading & Unloading: Efficiency Meets Precision.

For the swift loading and unloading of trucks and trains, KOCH Solutions delivers state-of-the-art continuous conveyor systems tailored to meet the high handling rates your operations demand. Our technology is customized to align with your specific needs, taking into account the type of materials, handling capacity, spatial configuration, and environmental conditions. Our individualized solutions are designed to optimize your workflow, ensuring that every load and unload cycle is a model of efficiency and accuracy.