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Strategy and goals.

Sustainability has always been deeply rooted in the culture of KOCH Solutions. Our vision or aim is to provide globally pioneering products, technologies and services that ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers. By pursuing efficiency, innovation and pro-activity, we proudly contribute to the most pressing challenge of our time: the protection and preservation of our environment and its natural resources on which our lives are based.

Our vast experience and technical know-how at KOCH Solutions give us the edge in mastering this mission. Together with our customers, we therefore, focus on the future and include not only economic aspects but also environmental and social issues in our decision-making, to achieve a holistic approach to our value creation and production processes. By constantly improving and optimizing technical systems and processes, we ensure the long-term competitiveness of our company. 

In line with our commitment to responsible business practices, we have developed this Sustainability Policy, which sets out our goals and strategies in relation to environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic sustainability.


Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption through product optimization:
At KOCH Solutions, we place great emphasis on constantly developing and optimizing our products. By using advanced technologies and innovative designs, we are continuously working to improve the energy efficiency of systems and machines. These efforts lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint and operating costs for our customers. 

Preventing pollution:
To minimize the negative impact of our products on the environment, we develop systems that reduce pollution such as noise and dust emissions. The KOCH Pipe Conveyor and the IBEX Steep Angle Conveyor are just two of many examples of product developments that significantly reduce environmental impact. Additionally, technical solutions such as sound insulation and extraction systems that ensure the protection of employees, residents and the environment also have a significant contribution. 

Responsible procurement and use of resources to reduce waste and promote recycling:
We are committed to the responsible use of resources. This includes sourcing environmentally friendly materials and working with suppliers who are mindful of sustainable practices. By using recycled materials and minimizing waste in our production processes, we help conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.



Diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

At KOCH Solutions, we value the diversity of our employees and partners and recognize that different backgrounds and perspectives contribute to innovative ideas and solutions. That is why we actively promote an inclusive work environment where everyone is welcome and given equal opportunities, regardless of origin, gender, culture or nationality.


Fair wages and compliance with labour rights:

We believe that fairly compensated and satisfied employees are the basis for our company's success. Therefore, we ensure that all employees are adequately compensated, and their labour rights are respected. We are committed to compliance with labour standards and laws and offer our employees safe and healthy working conditions.


A family-friendly and flexible working environment:

We understand that work-life balance is crucial for the well-being of our employees. At KOCH Solutions, we offer flexible working hours, part-time, and remote working possibilities to enable our employees to successfully balance their careers and private lives.


Community projects and social initiatives:

KOCH Solutions is committed to making a positive impact and giving back to society. We support community service projects and social initiatives that aim to improve people's lives and promote general welfare. By working with local organizations and participating in charitable activities, we contribute to the well-being of the community in which we all live and work every day.


Long-term growth and stability through continuous innovation and product development:
We always strive to ensure long-term growth and stability through continuous innovation and product development. We invest in research and development to ensure that we continue delivering to our customers' needs and to offer outstanding solutions. Our consistent dedication to improvement enables us to strengthen our market position while generating sustainable value.
Ethically-sourced materials:
Our commitment to economic sustainability also includes ethical sourcing of materials and working with responsible suppliers. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our suppliers adhere to high standards of environmental, social and labour practices. By carefully selecting suppliers who share our values and principles, we ensure that our products and services are manufactured responsibly.

Promoting local economy:
At KOCH Solutions, we recognize the importance of supporting the local economy and are committed to promoting it by considering local suppliers and partners to support our business, wherever possible. Such collaborations not only help strengthen the local economy, but also enable us to reduce the environmental impact of our procurement activities and deepen our relationships with the surrounding communities.


Regular reviews and audits of our sustainability performance:

To ensure that we are on track and achieving our sustainability goals, we will conduct regular reviews and audits of our sustainability performance. These reviews will help us identify our strengths and weaknesses and take targeted improvement actions.


Employee training and awareness:

To emphasize the importance of sustainability in our business and ensure that all employees can contribute, we will provide training and awareness-raising on the topic of sustainability in the workplace and in our business operations. Our employees are our main investment, and the backbone of the business and improvement can only take place upon imparting this culture of sustainability to them.


Solicit feedback and integrate it into our sustainability strategy:

We value input and will therefore actively seek feedback to continuously improve and develop our sustainability strategy. Through dialogue with our customers, suppliers, employees, and others, we ensure that we take into account the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and successfully implement our sustainability goals.

Sustainability - 
Further practicies

Noise protection:

Use of low-noise motors and gearboxes, sound insulation of plant and machinery, and planning measures such as the construction of noise barriers.


Dust reduction:

Implementation of dust extraction systems and filters, closed conveyor systems, regular cleaning and maintenance of the plants, as well as greening of the surroundings.


Material savings: optimisation of design and manufacturing to reduce material use, modular design for easy expansion and adaptation of systems, and the use of lighter yet durable materials.



use of recycled materials in production.


Design measures:

Integration of energy-efficient technologies, such as frequency converters for speed control and energy recovery systems, as well as the use of low-maintenance and durable components.


Energy efficiency:

Selection of energy-efficient motors and drives, regular maintenance and optimisation of equipment to reduce energy consumption, as well as possible use of renewable energy, such as solar energy or wind power.


Environmentally sustainable packaging and transport:

using reusable or recyclable packaging materials, optimising logistics to reduce the carbon footprint, and working with environmentally friendly transport companies whenever possible.


Sustainable procurement:

working with suppliers who adopt environmentally and socially responsible practices and selecting materials and components that have been produced under environmentally friendly conditions.


Product example - Sustainability

Our environmentally friendly solution for Open Pit Mines.
Replace truck fleets and reduce CO2 emissions by 120,000* tons per year, save 44.6* million liters of diesel and reduce tire wear by 1,310* tons. Rethink materials handling - with the innovative IBEX system.

*Data based on comparison of an IBEX and a 290 t truck.

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